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2 weeks ago @ 9:29AM

Boys Lacrosse Mulch Sale Fundraiser


Please consider continuing to support our program by visiting to place your secure online order. We will be selling until we run out of inventory or until March 14th (hint … we will likely run out before then J). 


Your mulch will be delivered on Saturday, March 28th. As a reminder, all sales go directly to help purchase lacrosse gear not supplied by the school, offset tournament fees and field rentals for the off-season, as well as to support other activities to help grow the program.


Thank you for supporting the Yorktown Boys Lacrosse Program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 703-981-4261, or simply reply to this email.


As in recent previous sales, the minimum delivery amount for free delivery is 15 bags. If you would like to order less than that, we ask for a $25 delivery fee check upon delivery. If you do order less than 15 bags, please indicate in the delivery instructions whether you will leave a check made out to the YHS Boys Lacrosse Boosters Club or come by the YHS parking lot to pick up the bags yourself.


NEW — Many of you have asked us in the past for help in spreading mulch. The Yorktown Baseball Team is now happy to help you do just that! The team charges a $20 donation + $1 per bag for that service and you can sign up using this link - If you have questions, please contact them at or call them at 703.627.4459.


Thank you for your continued support!


Gary Guggolz

Father of 2020 and 2022 YHS Lacrosse Midfielders


Please consider passing this on to your friends and neighbors!





*  Order at least 15 bags and pay online -- – by March 14th for FREE DELIVERY on March 28th.    

*  15 bag minimum, 3 cubic foot bags of premium double shredded hardwood mulch for $4.99 per bag.

*  Specify special delivery instructions within the order page to tell the boys where to stack your mulch.




If you would like to be removed from this list, please reply to this email and I'll remove you from our contact list. 

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