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Team News.

Team News

Yesterday @ 8:14AM

Uniform Return Times

A message from Mr. Krulfeld about uniforms. Please, PLEASE return these uniforms. Last summer we had to practically beg to be able to get the new tops that you all wore this year, and I believe that you all really liked them. If we don't get all our uniforms back it's going to be much harder to ask for nice things in the future.


Attention Student-Athletes - 


Uniform and equipment collection will take place in drive-thru fashion in the bus loop at Yorktown High School starting today, Monday, June 1.  Please place all items you are returning in a bag and tape a sheet of paper with your name, sport and contents of items in the bag.  Ms. Stotler and Mr. Krulfeld will be on hand to receive the items which can simply be placed in a bin as you drive through.  


Please plan to attend any drop-off time slot but be mindful, lines might be longest at the beginning and at the end so feel free to spread out during the allotted times.  If you are unable to make any of the times listed, please try to get the items to a teammate to drop off.


Monday, June 1  3-5 pm


Wednesday, June 3  2-4 pm


Friday, June 5  9-11 am 


Seniors can return uniforms during the above times or at their assigned time the week of June 8 (more information on that will be sent by the school next week - these sessions will include cap and gown pick up)

Team News

3 months ago @ 8:50AM

Team App/Outdoor Track

For outdoor track this year, we're going to try something new in terms of team communication. We're going to try out Team App. This gives our coaches a way of getting information out to our athletes and parents without having to manage 100+ email addresses. If you or your child are planning to compete in outdoor track this year, please download Team App and search for Yorktown Track 2020. This is how I will be sending out information about practice/meets/training.

This week is unofficially the start of outdoor track. There will be senior led practices this week with no coaches present. These will be at 3:30 in Yorktown on the 2nd floor. I encourage you all to attend, but obviously these are not mandatory. We will start official practices Monday, March 9 also on the 2nd floor of Yorktown.

Also, congratulate our athletes that competed this weekend at the 6A state meet. We had several great performances highlighted by our boys team finishing 2nd overall and Bowen Shuttleworth winning the 1000m. 



Team News

5 months ago @ 1:47PM

Episcopal Meet 12/21

Tomorrow we have a meet at Episcopal. It's going to be a really early departure, so set your alarms now. Buses will be leaving Yorktown at 6:15am. All athletes must be on the bus in order to compete. The meet starts at 7:20am, which is why we're leaving so early. Wake up early and eat a good breakfast, so you're ready to compete. And if you run events later in the meet, bring food and lots of water!

Those of you that have spikes, bring them, because Episcopal's track is a real track surface. 

See you all tomorrow,


Team News

5 months ago @ 8:07PM

Meet 12/13 @ TJ

Tomorrow we've got a meet at Thomas Jefferson Community & Fitness Center. The bus will leave Yorktown @ 4:30pm, and the meet will start at 5:30pm. All athletes are required to ride the bus to the meet. If you're not on the bus, you will not run. Your parents can pick you up from the meet. 

We're one of the "host" schools, so we will be in charge of a few things at the meet such as setting up hurdles, so please be ready to help when needed.

We also need parent volunteers to help time the JV 55. Each school is required to provide 3 parents. The time commitment should only be about an hour and it gets you into the meet for free. So let me know if there are any parents that want to help out.

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow, and please reach out if you have any questions. 


Team News

5 months ago @ 7:07AM

Team Pictures Today

Today is picture day. Please remember to bring your jerseys with you!

We will be meeting as a team at 3:30 and heading down to get our pictures taken at 4. We will workout after pictures.

Team News

5 months ago @ 12:37PM

Team Apparel Shop

Some of our athletes organized setting up an online shop to order apparel for the indoor season.

Here's the link to order:

Also, if you would like to purchase a bucket hat, they're doing that too:



Team News

6 months ago @ 9:27AM

Indoor Track First Day of Practice

Hey Team,

This Monday (11/18) is the first day of practice for Indoor Track! We're very excited to see all of you and start this new season. We will be meeting at 3:30 on the 2nd floor of Yorktown (the same place as last year).

As most of you know, our beloved Coach Stripe retired after last year. So this year, I'll be stepping in as head coach while continuing to coach the sprinters. Coaches Tom Brumlik and Kevin Robertson will be back to coach the distance runners, and we're bringing on 2 new coaches to take care of jumps and throws. We'll introduce them to you next week. Our coaching staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I believe we're going to have a great season. 

We encourage everyone that plans on running indoor track to be present on the first day of practice, because we will have our beginning of the season team meeting that day. So even if you're still on your break after cross country, please join us on Monday, and you can leave after our meeting. 

Administratively, everyone who didn't play a fall sport will need to turn in your physical to the student activities office (please do not bring them to practice). If you don't have a physical turned in, you won't be able to practice until you do, but even if you don't have a physical, please come to the first day of practice, so you can be part of our team meeting.

If any athletes or parents have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

In Fitness,
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